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We Love Dance Friendships!!!

The most incredible aspect of dance training lies in the bonds forged within the classroom. Dance companions are unparalleled in their camaraderie, offering a unique blend of empowerment and excitement. Surrounded by fellow students who share their passion and common objectives, dancers develop a special connection. These friends serve as your staunchest supporters, celebrating your achievements and lifting you up during moments of stumbling. As a team and a dance family, they provide motivation, unwavering support, and plenty of laughter. The memories created at Revolution Dance Studio with your dance buddies are everlasting!

Throughout the month of October, we are commemorating our love for our dance companions and shedding light on how to nurture these friendships all year long, though the invitation of friends to join one of our dance classes.

What defines a dance friend?

Dance training is both immensely enjoyable and remarkably challenging. Having a companion to navigate these training trials is a comforting experience. Knowing that you have someone standing by your side, both mentally and physically, is truly inspiring. The dance studio can be a vulnerable space where dancers push themselves to explore new skills and enhance their performances. With your dance friends beside you, all barriers come crashing down! Within the comforting confines of the studio, growth and joviality flourish. This shared journey and the countless hours of training are the cornerstone of lifelong friendships!

Why do dance friendships endure?

Amid endless classes, rehearsals, and preparations for competitions and performances, dancers spend a significant amount of time at the studio. For many students, the studio becomes a second home, and their dance friends become like family. With our young dancers practically residing at the studio, their dance friends transform into confidants, therapists, and their most crucial support system. From school crushes to family disputes and pivotal life decisions, your dance friends stand by you, guiding your every step. The loyalty of having a dance friend during your formative years, coupled with the multitude of memories created at the studio and the encouragement from fellow athletes working towards shared goals, leaves an indelible mark for life.

How to nurture lasting dance friendships?

In the face of the ups and downs of the past year, maintaining friendships has been a challenge. As dancers, we can employ creativity to keep the good times rolling with our cherished companions. Here are some enjoyable activities to consider:

  1. Virtual Get-Together: Encourage your child to connect with their friends through Zoom or Face-time. It's not only essential for their social development, but also brings them joy. If screen time becomes overwhelming, suggest a phone call or even handwritten letters.

  2. Collaborative Dance: Connect virtually to create dance routines with your friends, or, weather permitting, dance together outdoors. Platforms like TikTok can be a great source of inspiration.

  3. Movie Night: Organize simultaneous movie nights with your friends, watch new dance films, and then share your favorite dance routines. You can explore a list of age-appropriate dance films for inspiration.

Nurturing these friendships is paramount for the happiness and growth of our kids. Investing time and energy in these relationships not only benefits them but also brings us joy. Use this blog as motivation to creatively reconnect with your loved ones. Moreover, if you're interested in making new dance friends or sharing your passion for dance with existing friends, consider inviting them to a dance class!

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